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  • Analyzed a claim on a $19 million, 200-unit low-income housing project. The claim was for extended overhead damages due to a 4.5-month project delay. Performed a detailed study of contractor field and home office overheads. Formulated and presented settlement methodology which resulted in the successful settlement of the claim.

  • Evaluated a $2.1 million claim on a housing rehabilitation project. The claim consisted of home office costs, field office costs, inefficiency, professional and consultant costs, unpaid contract amount, and other claims. Disclosed as cost/schedule expert witness. Presented findings in mediation; case was settled in post-mediation negotiations.

  • Analyzed three subcontractor claims totaling over $1 million on a public housing project. Presented findings in successful mediation with mechanical subcontractor. Represented client in negotiation sessions with several subcontractors as schedule/cost expert.