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Infrastructure: Roads, Public Works,
   Stadiums and Arenas

Commercial and Public Buildings
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Infrastructure: Roads, Public Works, Stadiums and Arenas

  • Developed claim on a multi-billion project to install fiber-optic networks. Analyzed schedule delays. Conducted interviews with key project personnel, identified issues that caused impacts, and determined the extent to which each party caused delays. Case was settled in informal negotiations.

  • Analyzed a $3.3 million claim on a design/build project to remediate soils and construct a landfill in Central California. Evaluated the contractor's inefficiency claim. Analyzed the responsibility for schedule delays. Key project issues included the means and methods of the contractor, weather delays, alleged design changes, and the performance of the designer. Presented findings in a successful mediation.

  • Audited actual cost records to quantify the reasonable cost of public utility relocations on behalf of a Bay Area municipality. Scope involved evaluation of double-counted costs, overheads, and billings. Presentation of findings led to a successful negotiated settlement.